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    FB090 is a bronze bearing that adopted special treated high density copper alloy as base body. The oil hole and oil gutter could be made to be the diamond shape or hemi shape as customer like. It has advantages of high density, high load press, good wearing resistance, long use life. It also could replace traditional cast bushing because it could small the volume of the machinery and low the costs. FB09G had been widely used in the area of lifting machinery, building machinery, auto mobile & tractor chassis, machine bed industry and mining machinery. It could be made as the shape of bush, flanger bushing, thrust washers, etc.

  Materials CuSn8P0.3 or CuSn6.5P0.1
  Hardness HB90~120 Range of work temperatures -80 degree centigrade~200 degree centigrade
  Maximum load pressure 75N/mm2 Maximum slide speed 2.5m/s