High-end bearing will be fully domestic, break through the western blockade, become a powerful bearing


Before we talk about domestic bearings, let's discuss a topic. Is China strong after all? The answer is very powerful, but not very powerful.

Take the bearing field as an example, China is undoubtedly a super bearing country. According to statistics in 2014, China's bearing output has reached 19.6 billion sets, ranking the third in the world. The minimum bearing diameter produced in China is 0.6mm and the maximum diameter is 11m.

In spite of this, we are still not a bearing power because there is still a considerable gap between us and the west in terms of reliability and longevity.

At present, the bearings used by China's emus are all from Europe, America and Japan, and the price difference is up to more than ten times. We all hope to break the technical blockade of foreign countries as soon as possible. Not long ago, China's high-speed rail bearings on the spread of good news! During the period of National Day this year, the bearing manufactured by luoyang bearing factory has completed the high-speed railway test of 250 km/h and 350 km/h, and the high-speed railway bearing has passed the permanent test of 1.2 million km. The test results show that the bearing is in good condition and meets the standard requirements.

Future China's high-speed rail will all use localization of bearing, high-speed spindle is the key to train manufacture part of bearing inner and outer radial run-out error of no more than two over one thousand of a millimeter, when Gao Tieyun row spindle at high speed, it should not exceed 15 degrees Celsius temperature, the high precision bearings only a few countries can make in the west.

Luoyang bearing factory is the first batch of industrial enterprises in China. It has created many world champions in China's bearing industry and broken the foreign technology monopoly for several times. It is also the representative enterprise of China's shaft.

The breakthrough of the high-end bearing structure is complex, the processing difficulty is very high, according to the controller introduces, is only part of the bearing coat will be after 87 abrasion process, was a key process to ensure the accuracy of bearing abrasion diameter, researchers used the low-speed cutting grinding method, edge processing measure, total accumulated tens of thousands of kinds of related data, will eventually bearing inner and outer control within one over one thousand of a millimeter precision, a whole times greater than that of the foreign bearing accuracy.

In the test, the radial swing error of the domestic bearings is only 0.7 millimeters per thousand points, the lateral swing error of the inner and outer sleeve is not more than 1.5 millimeters per thousand points, the testers confirm that all the technical indicators of the domestic bearings meet the requirements, to reach the advanced level of similar foreign products.

In addition, the bearing cost produced by luoyang bearing factory is only seven times of that of foreign imports, which also means that the price of bearings imported from abroad will be greatly reduced.

In fact, in the face of the blockade of foreign bearing technology, China's related enterprises have begun to layout, the ministry of industry and information technology as early as 2011, the bearing listed as the first basic material manufacturing, to produce a good bearing, must have good steel.

The quality of bearing steel is mainly depends on four factors, one is the form, size and distribution of inclusions in the steel quality, second, the carbide content in steel, three is a steel center loose shrinkage and segregation, four is bearing steel product performance consistency, the four requirements, the purity requirements of the relationship between the quality of bearing steel and the service life.

If you want to improve the purity of steel, the first step is to control the oxygen content in the steel, generally 8 PPM belongs to good steel, and high-end bearings need 5 PPM of top steel, and top steel containing titanium and other harmful substances will cause stress concentration, thereby reducing the service life of the bearing, these should be avoided as far as possible.

More than ten years ago, the research and development of bearing steel in China has been monopolized by the bearing giants in the United States, Japan and Sweden. How to obtain the top-grade steel with high purity and good uniformity is their core secret, which is also the main reason for the high price of high-end bearing. They even bought low-end steel from China, processed it into high-end bearings with their own technology, and then exported it back to Chinese companies.

After more than ten years of efforts, China finally broke through the manufacturing of high-end bearing steel, steel oxygen content control in the world's advanced level of less than 5 PPM, which is also the main reason that luoyang bearing plant can quickly into the world's forefront.

Breaks high-end core secrets of the bearing steel in China, is in the process of steelmaking added rare earth element, make originally the high quality steel products become more strong, China now can not only produce high end bearing steel, more can make its own high-end bearing, broke the west two big technology blockade, but they didn't know, China's high-end bearing would come so soon.

At present luoyang bearing company can manufacture all nine types, all kinds of precision bearings, up to more than twenty thousand kinds of specifications, with aviation engine bearing, high-speed motor car bearings, bearing such as the core technology of major equipment, also for the three gorges, the goddess of the moon shuttle, south-north water diversion project and other national key project to provide supporting bearing products.

With the rapid development of national industrial strength, China is more capable of providing high-end bearings for sophisticated equipment.