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Anji YIKE Decoration Material Technology Co., ltd, located in Anji County, Zhejiang Province, China. Specializes in the design and manufacturing of woven vinyl floor coverings. In our newly built 30,000 square meter factory equipped both with advanced technology and backed by world-class technical expertise, our designers and engineers have developed products which meet or exceed the technical quality and modern design characteristics. Our flooring solutions are a preferred solution for commercial locations such ...


DSB-2Y bound lubrication lead free bearing(SF-2Y)
DSB-2X boundary lubrication bearing(SF-2X)


2019-12-09 Analysis of domestic and imported bearing technology and application gap

Bearing applied in industrial production in our country plays an important role, for bearing production, while bearing industry of our country has been in the world of economy of scale bearing total third, but the accuracy on technology and products and i

2019-12-09 High-end bearing will be fully domestic, break through the western blockade, become a powerful bearing

Before we talk about domestic bearings, let's discuss a topic. Is China strong after all? The answer is very powerful, but not very powerful.Take the bearing field as an example, China is undoubtedly a super bearing country. According to statistics in